After the dust settled from my transition to ABoR, I was able to dig into their data from the video work that had been done in the past. The trend was painfully obvious: the people wanted how-to videos. Previous how-to videos were overlong, monotonous, screen-capped affairs that tried to teach viewers everything in one fell-swoop. Despite their downfalls, they still racked up thousands of views (that's not insignificant when the total membership is only 13,000 potential viewers)!
I started a monthly MLS Tips series in conjunction with the MLS department and the Call Center in order to capitalize on the demand and help the business crush some KPIs. Important components were: a human element (teaching software requires screen caps, but engaging viewers requires people), some fun (this type of learning can be dull, so a fresh soundtrack and some humor helped it along), and reproducibility (I'd be making it every month, so it couldn't sap my time or creative energy).​​​​​​​
The results are clear: people like to learn. Since these videos go so many eyes, I used YouTube's End Screen functionality to push other content and encourage viewers to keep engaging with the ABoR brand. This series also helped the Call Center beat their KPIs: the video subjects were determined by their most-frequent calls questions.

I started aggregating data to compare performance and gain insights after a year with ABoR. Google Data Studio is an incredible tool for judging how a YouTube channel is doing on the whole!